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Alfa Aerosol pressure vessels comes with an unmatched 3 years warranty

Outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environment

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ALFA AEROSOL, a Brand Produced by ANU ADVANCE COMPOSITE PRODUCT PVT LTD was established in the year 2002 and Leading manufacturing company in FRP Pressure Vessels, Membrane Housing and Swimming pool Vessels.

All the manufacturing processes are in housed in a state of the art factory facility located in Toopran, Telangana with an area of 1,74,240 sq  and Constructed Seven Factory shed’s and Corporate Office. 

We are Equipped With Latest Machinery In Our Factory with 6 AXIS Seven Filament winding machine’s, Blow Molding machine, Injection Molding Machine, CNC, Auto Surface Grinding machine, Semi Auto Paining machine and Many more.

Quality does not mean “Pay More” remains our key moto and we at AACP strive to achieve the same without compromise on the quality factory.

The Product

Today, we lead the industry with highly advanced manufacturing facilities and dedicated sales personnel located around the world. Alfa Aerosol high performance pressure vessels are guaranteed to provide years of dependable service. It also provides cost-effective solutions for the most challenging applications. Our pressure vessels are accepted globally as a superior solutions for water treatment

Technology & Manufacturing Process

Our exclusive patented manufacturing processing creates a seamless polyethylene shell that is wound continuously with fiberglass reinforcements and sealed with epoxy resins. This process make the vessels non-corrosive and there is no chance of any leakage. Computer aided winding machine and other customized equipment are to create a product that offers outstanding performance and durability.

Product Futures

  • Full choice of vessels available upto 63”diameter with 86” height
  • Diameter with capacities from 33 to 2500 liters
  • Outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environment
  • Unmatched strength with rust free guarantee
  • Alfa Aerosol pressure vessels comes with an unmatched 3 years warranty

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Alfa Aerosol Vessels
The Plus
The Plus
The Plus

Alfa Aerosol Pressure Vessels


Excellent ultra violet (UV) resistant characteriscs and
performance. Vacuum test of 5” of Hg at 120°F
100% vessels are hydrotested at 1.1mes the
operang pressure.
Design to qualify for One Lakh Cycle Test (Hot, Ambient
and Cold) and Burst factor of 4 mes the operang

Water Qualit

Light proof to prevent algae growth.
Alfa Aerosol Pressure Vessels are completely sealed,
manhole covers and air vents are by design dust and
insect proof. No metal components need to be in
contact with water. Reinforcement bolts and nuts for
assembly are on the outside.


Long life UV protecon prevents the tank from
Seamless design except Manholes & side ports.

Repairs & Maintenance

Maintenance limited to outside bolt ghtening/ and
internal hose water pressure wash down without

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Impressed with Alfa Aerosol's commitment to quality and affordability. Their advanced manufacturing techniques clearly set them apart in the industry.



Alfa Aerosol's products showcase exceptional durability and efficiency. Their state-of-the-art facility and machinery reflect in the superior quality of their output.



Alfa Aerosol's dedication to quality and innovation is evident. Their advanced machinery and skilled craftsmanship produce top-tier products. Highly recommend for reliable solutions.



Truly satisfied with Alfa Aerosol's products. The precision and quality seen in their FRP Pressure Vessels and Membrane Housing are unmatched. Great value for money.



The quality and durability of Alfa Aerosol's products are exceptional. Their use of the latest manufacturing techniques ensures superior performance and longevity.



Impressive work by Alfa Aerosol! Their commitment to maintaining high-quality standards while keeping costs reasonable is a rare find in the industry today.

Reflect the Brand Values:

Reach Out to Alpha Aerosol for Inquiries, Support, or Collaboration!

Reflect the Brand Values:

Reach Out to Alpha Aerosol for Inquiries, Support, or Collaboration!

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FRP vessels manufactured by us are made from high performance composite material. Tested for over 2,50,000 cycles, they prove strength to withstand pressures as high as 10 kg/cm2 without any structural damage.

ALFA AEROSOL® FRP Pressure Vessels


FRP vessels can be used practically for any water treatment application. Our rage of FRP vessels is known for its features such as Economical Price, Durability, and Efficiency. Offered in different dimensions, we also customize these vessels as per the requirement of our clients